Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and Weekly Goal Check In

Saturday, December 5, 2015
December is the month to tidy up the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge projects.  These blocks are sashed and sewn into a top and next up to be quilted.  They are from RSC 2013--

By next weekend this top should be quilted.  God willing and the creek don't rise!  Hey, the way the snow is melting that's possible!  I've made my 2015 Gauntlet Toss goal--30's Ribbons was #4 and Little Farm Animals was #5.  Seven more to be quilted by May 1st.  Please see everyone's RSC posts at SoScrappy.

Finish binding Friends Among the Stars--worked on it
Load and Quilt 30's Ribbons--yes, done with binding sewn on
Sew more rows together on R/W/B blocks--worked on them
Trim 294 HSTs--nope
Load and quilt Little Farm Animals top--yes
At the last guild meeting I picked up a "kit" for a charity quilt.  6.5" squares neatly rolled up with a page of directions.   This was new to me, so when I opened the packet I was less than impressed.  There were 70 squares, the directions asked you to set them 7x10, and to "make it fun".  Really?  Did they LOOK at these fabrics?  Dark dirty purples with muddy green.  10 white squares.  A few salmon solids.  Mostly 3 fabrics with a few odd squares thrown in.  It sat for a few weeks as I wondered HOW I might salvage it.  Lorri2Rs and I did a little stash enhancing when she was here, and part of what I bought was some light lavenders to add to this "kit".  This is what I made--

A disappearing 9 Patch.  Remember that saying--"if the fabric is still ugly you didn't cut it small enough?"  Yes, that's what I did, sliced the dark purples and the white squares. It looks better in real daylight but you can see how dark the purples are--they look brown in the photo.  I think a lavender narrow border and it will be fine.  Its a nice size--52x69, not much border needed.  I'm not sure if this is the interpretation they wanted but its what I did!  

The next clue for the Quiltville 2015 mystery has been posted, I hope to find time to play with it this weekend.  



sunny said...

Love your rainbow quilt! I need to make a couple more blocks for this year. And I think you did a fine job of salvaging what was in your kit to make a nice quilt! Were the original fabrics all donated?

Sara said...

I must agree with that saying about cutting ugly fabric smaller. But I think your final result hides any ugly fabric quite well. Can't go wrong with a disappearing 4 patch or 9 patch. So easy to mix up those leftovers too.

Tired Teacher said...

The lavender added some much needed lightness to the mix of fabrics. Well done!

You have accomplished a lot toward your goal and will definitely reach it.

Snow on the ground will likely be here a while, as the temps are hovering in the low 20s.

scraphappy said...

Beautiful rainbow blocks. 2013! Perfect time to get them finished off.

Nell's Quilts said...

Lovely RSC blocks. You did a good job with the purples and lavenders for the charity quilt. Were the fabrics selected from a stash or purchased for this specific quilt. Having coordinated charity quilts for our guild for 2 years I know that at times the pickings were pretty slim but they were all beautiful in the end and appreciated by the recipient.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Like those RSC blocks - and great save on the comfort quilt.

Vic in NH said...

Holy Carp what uglies and how well they look together now that you saved them, good job!
The thirties quilt will be really pretty, too, and it looks like there were extra blocks that didn't even fit onto the design wall. Keep on truckin'!

Mystic Quilter said...

Wow you've got to be moving a fast pace if you're going to have a quilted finish next week - lovely quilt!

Sheila said...

I love these colorful blocks and look forward to seeing them come together into a quilt.

PaulaB quilts said...

Good luck finishing those great rainbow blocks. Clever solution for the purples, it looks like it was planned.

Katie Z. said...

I love your rainbow blocks. As everyone else said, well done on redeeming the uglies!

Deb A said...

Well done on breathing life into that quilt kit! Your RSC quilt is lovely - hope to see it finished soon (assuming that creek didn't rise!).