Tuesday Check In

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Whew--its a busy time of year!  So far this week its been two doctor appointments and some shopping.  Today was eye appointment in Mitchell and of course the weather is changing to rain/snow/sleet/ice.  Interstate 90 is closed from Chamberlain to Rapid City and I'm sure there will be lots of cancellations by morning.  Tomorrow a Christmas party is scheduled where Ken works, but with the weather I won't be surprised if its cancelled. 

First an updated stash report--

Stash in this week--8.00 yards
Stash in YTD--284.00 yards
Stash out this week--0 yards

Stash out YTD--175.00 yards

Stash is ahead 109 yards!

I need to use my calculator more often--I had a mistake on last weeks report!  This week I bought 8 yards of flannel for backing.  The numbers look bleak but there are 6 tops waiting for the hand sewing of the binding.  Five sets of blocks to set into tops.  I've laid out a big top to load on the Princess.  Two more in line.

Last week goals--

Quilt 2013 RSC 30's quilt--done with binding ready to hand sew
Finish Binding Galaxy of Friends--waiting by the recliner
Bind Baby Animals--in line
Sew more of the R/W/B blocks into rows--nope
2015 Quiltville mystery--all caught up

I pieced a backing, made a binding, finished more units for Star Struck (from last winter).  I think I have the 396 units needed, they are pressed and ready to start putting together--

 They will make these blocks--

This is a free pattern at Quiltville.  Thank you Bonnie Hunter.  My project was prompted by one my friend Liz made. 

Weekly Goals--

I think I'm going with "eat more elephant"!  Yes, its the phrase "how do you eat an elephant??  One bite at a time!"  I jump from project to project--but I like a little variety in how my elephant is served.  Progress is progress.  Imagine me madly sewing this week!  I need more tops to quilt for the Gauntlet Toss.

A few weeks ago Asher had his 4th birthday--

 Note the tilted candles, Asher put them in.  Grandma made sure the cake had plenty of frosting--that's Asher's favorite part!

Asher, Mason and Maxwell. 

Do you bake Christmas cookies?  How do you store them?  I use metal popcorn tins and other metal containers.  Last night I was searching in the basement for a favorite cookie tin and instead found this--

A box of fabric someone gave me and I had forgotten about it.  At least 6 yards of this bright print--a future backing??  

I never found the cookie tin so instead I did this--

'Tis the season for colds so make sure you get plenty of Vitamin C!  I like my orange juice with a little peach schnapps and cherries.  

Are you making plans for next year?  These fossil ferns and hand dyes are lurking in the closet--I am formulating a plan to use them.  

I'm in the mood to make cookies and other Christmas goodies.  Laura Beth likes Buckeyes, Nick and Ken like "Clusters", the boys love Peanut Butter stuffed Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate.  A new recipe will be added this year--Sally Ann's.  


The dough is frozen in the freezer--I know the recipe willl be a keeper--I tasted the dough!  Thank you Nancy for sharing one of your family traditions!

If you are finishing up Christmas presents and Christmas Shopping you don't have much time left!  Our shopping is almost done and I didn't make any presents. 





Tired Teacher said...

Lots going on at your house! Your orange juice looks tasty. I need more dairy, so I'll sip a White Russian while you get your vitamin C. ;o)

I haven't baked ANY cookies this year because I end up eating them myself. I do need to make a batch of Sally Anns though and send some to my sister.

The "found" fabric would make a nice backing. The Star Struck blocks are gorgeous. How did I miss that pattern on Bonnie's blog. I must go check it out.

Sara said...

You have been busy, busy, busy!! I do make a few Christmas cookies usually and I store them in the freezer. LOL That is absolutely necessary because otherwise I would eat them. This year I made my usual wreath spritz cookies (6 doz), ginger snaps (6 doz), and a new pudding cookie recipe (8 doz). I needed at least 7 dozen cookies for our cookie exchange at work on Friday, so I'll still have plenty in the freezer for when the family comes after Christmas.

I love those star struck blocks! Bonnie Hunter does have great patterns. I'm nearly caught up with clues 1-3 except for 5 sets for clue 2, which may be done tonight - I hope.

Just this morning I realized my younger daughter's birthday is tomorrow and her card/gift are laying on my desk. Guess I need to stop at the post office on my way to a school this afternoon. Hoping the roads are OK.