Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, July 13, 2008
I bought a primitive seasonal panel, that's it. And I haven't finished anything. LOL I am within INCHES of having the tossed salad quilted. And then I hit a small glitch. I cut the batting a smidgen too short. I mean like maybe an inch?? I really think I didn't cut it too short, it took more batting than I thought to smooth out all those humps! I don't want to make the border smaller, so I will piece a bit in. And it was going so well!

And I've also cut out Laura Beth's and Nick's baby quilt. Today I plan to work on that.

My garden and flowers are growing like crazy, must be the "dirt" I hauled in for them! The tomatoes are waist high and have tomatoes and blossoms all over.

My Jackmani clematis is blooming it's heart out, even though I cut it way back earlier this year and the carpenters had to stand on it to build the deck.

And my summer squash have babies and blossoms!!

A trumpet vine I thought was dead this spring is getting ready to bloom.

And here is a Purple Coneflower I started last year from seed. They are supposed to be hardy prairie perennial, I think they must be because they got NO care last year. And now they are up and at least 4 foot high and blooming.

And remember the perinneal sweet peas, well they are covered with blossoms and more to come. And the other plants that were smaller or I started from seed this year are coming along too.


Vicki W said...

I did that with a batting once. It was literally 1/2 inch short. I screamed (at myself)!

Stephanie D said...

Bummer on the batting, but I love the baby blanket colors. Can't wait to see it all finished!

WOW! You must have 10 green thumbs there, lady! I am impressed!

Granny said...

Isn't it aggravating to cut the batting too short. Id id it once too and sometimes, even though I'm so careful about measuring and adding some extra, I find that I get closer than I would like.

Pat said...

MY worst nightmare...batting is cut too short! hope you recovered from the oops!

Your flowers are looking lovely :)

Mel said...

Seems a few of us are having that problem. :( But, it is fixable and all will be well.