Tuesday (or Early Wednesday) Thoughts

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

See the new flower on the side of the blog? How funny to take the quiz and then find out the "flower" I am is one I have been growing and have a picture of. Purple Coneflowers!

Today was a long day of medical tests and Dr. appts to have him say I am "normal" for my age! Come back in a year. Whee!!!

Last night and tonight I worked on the baby blanket my husband asked me to make, will make TWO and maybe be ahead of him. The winter must have been very cold, :p lots of babies the next few months!

And weather, the weather prediction for tomorrow is 101°. And it was 97°today, no wonder my petunias looked droopy.


Stephanie D said...

Normal is good at any age!

It hasn't been in the triple digits here yet, but I find I'm needing to water my container plants twice a day.

JuJu said...

Lori, I'm a Snapdragon!!! LOLOL

Becky said...

I'll take Normal any day, too :) We're burning up here in Atlanta. The kids in the high school band camp must have fried this week. Our garden is drying up.

Take care!

jacquie said...

normal's pretty darn good. it's terribly hot here too...stifling!