Keeping Warm

Thursday, January 20, 2011
I'm staying inside during this cold weather.   Yesterday I made White Chili and Sweet Potato bread.   Comfort foods.  I mixed up Cherry Nut Slice cookies, but they are outside in the "freezer".  

Last night I made a "Catch Me If You Can" block from Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog.  How does it look?

The points all came out nicely.  Instead of finishing at 8 inches, my block finishes at 7 inches.   I am math challenged!  Tomorrow I will check my camera, that's brown, pink and cream fabric.  

And I made a block just because.  

A red and white honeybee block.   I'll add it to my red and white swap blocks.  How is your week??  


Tamera said...

Your blocks look GREAT! I wonder how it came up an inch short, though, lol.

It's SO cold here, WAAAAAAHHHHH!

Kathie said...

Both blocks are great!!

Katie Z. said...

Very lovely. Icy and all are sick here.

Suzanne said...

My week is going great. Cold and nasty here in Utah too. Like the honeybee block!

Nancy said...

Yum, white chili is so good this time of year. I made a pot last week when it was bitter cold. Leftovers are in the freezer to zap on another cold, cold day.

Your blocks are wonderful.

Unknown said...

Your blocks look great.

MightyMom said...

ohter than looking quite yellowed they look GREAT! love them.

Stay warm!! It's 25 here tonight.... I'll take that over zero!!!!

Sharon said...

BRRRRRRR. We think it's cold if it's the low 30's. I say stay inside, make soup, quilt, stoke the fire and hope for an early spring!