Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Nothing in, but nothing out!  My sewing, well, I'm plodding along.   I have been baking.  Using the oven keeps the kitchen toasty.  First, I made caramel rolls.

Last night I made cookies.  Ken had talked about these cookies, but I had never made them.  

They are orange slice cookies.  Remember, the ones with orange slice jelly candies in them?   I love transfer ware dishes--these are from England.  Henrietta--can you refresh my memory?  I know they feature famous "houses" from England.  Transfer ware comes in all colors, blue is the most common.   I also have a few green pieces.  If you come for coffee, I promise to serve fresh cookies on my transfer ware!

Ken is getting on my last nerve.  And jumping up and down.  I made cookies after he went to bed.  (He went to bed about 7:30pm!)  He got up this morning and whined I hadn't made him chocolate chip cookies.  Grrrr.  Anyway.....

Today is bright and sunny.  A few pictures--

To the back yard.  You can see the snow is too deep for Ruby the quilting dog--she floundered back onto the deck--the look was "do you think I'm crazy??!!  I am NOT putting my tender parts out in that cold snow!"  And she trotted down the ramp where the snow was not so deep!  

The snow is about 8 inches deep on top the railings.   

I am going to try Judy's recipe for beans and sausage.  Bake some bread.  And sew.  Yes, definitely some sewing!


Quiltsmiles said...

I'd love the recipe for the cookies using the orange slices. These slices are a favorite amongst my family. My Mom and grandson (age 14) actually tease each other with how many each of them can eat. So now it is now a family joke. She lives in Florida and when she visits, she'll bring up a tub of orange slices. And they'll both come up with reasons of why they have to "visit the kitchen" all the while the tub is getting fewer and fewer of those orange gelled slices. Too funny!
Love your transer ware too, I think about installing more color in my dishes at times, yet the plain white goes so well with every season and space is a commodity here so I guess white will have to do.

Quiltsmiles said...

Ooopps, just found the link in your blog post, so I got it, thanks.

Lori said...

I'll take your warm yummy kitchen, but you keep the snow. My Molly has a fit to go outside when it rains!! For goodness sake it rains 9 months a year here lol. Heaven forbid if that white stuff falls, have to carry her out. Now Yum Yum you have to drag in, when it snows -- same breed of dog go figure.

Suzanne said...

I bet your house smells so good. Poor doggy...I wouldn't want to go out in that cold snow either!

Nancy said...

Yummy treats - may I come and live with you? I'll shovel snow for treats. ;oD

Katie Z. said...

Yummy! Mason and my girls really should have a playdate - I'll drive that far for fresh cookies!

MightyMom said...

teeheehee. man needs his chocolate cookies to keep up his strength for that winter hibernation donchaknow!!


JuJu said...

Hey ... Ken needs to snow blow a path for Quilty Dog!! When we still had Tyson, thats what Fred did, a path to his dog house, then along the front fence, west fence line and back toward the house!! Spoiled old dog, I do miss him!! Oh yes, those baked goods ... hmmm!! send me some!!

Stephanie D said...

Those snow pictures are depressing--and I don't even live there! Double the Vit. D--I would have cabin fever for sure, and this is from a gal who can go for days without leaving the neighborhood and be perfectly happy!

Sometimes I wish Jack would go find something to do--AWAY from the house! We love them, but sometimes we can't stand them.