Motivation Saturday

Sunday, January 16, 2011
Better check my goals for the week.

I made 4 more Two Lips blocks.  Need to rootle in the stash for some pastels.  Yoyos started but not finished.  I did work on a UFO out of the closet.  

Raggy Flower Swap Quilt
These Raggy Flower blocks were from a swap several years ago.   I cut the leaves out and sewed them to the top.  It's now ready for quilting.

Remember I said I was going to enjoy the process of quilting?   This might be one process I'm not going to like.  Hand piecing.  

Hand Pieced SawTooth Star

Perhaps I just need more practice.   And I did work on a BTCT block.  Here is #3--

Beyond The Cherry Tree #3

Enough said, I've started Block #4!!!  

I've had a handyman in my house the last week.  Les is making a bathroom downstairs.  Tomorrow I have a wall to paint.  I hate painting.  And its COLD here.  Weatherman said -20F or more some of the week.  

Keep warm everyone!



Nancy said...

I've never tried hand-piecing, but I'd say your star block looks great.

My sewing projects have been on hold. I think it is time to set aside some time to work on them.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Having a bathroom downstairs will be worth painting a wall. It's not the painting I mind anyway, it's the prep work.

I took a quilting class with Wanda Dawson once that was all hand piecing....I think the only thing I did on the machine was attach the binding. Love that quilt but will never do another. Don't much care for hand applique either though I admire it when someone else does it. Same goes for counted cross stitch.

Susan said...

I love hand piecing, and your block looks great. We're just so used to being product oriented, and production oriented. Why are you hand piecing the blocks? Is that for BB Civil War quilt?

I loved BTCT, but didn't find it until too late. It's going to be gorgeous. You are, no doubt, your own worst critic.

Too cold!

MightyMom said...

there are ways that make hand piecing much more fun! I like English paper piecing myself....