Still Plodding

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Ken and I both have caught one of those winter bugs.  Achy, headache, no energy.  Fuzzy brain.  

I counted my Two Lips blocks--there are 42.  I have to pin a note to the stack, I never remember how many are there!

I have blocks 3 & 4 of BTCT almost done.   I prepped #5 tonight.  

Red circles.  Yes, BTCT has lot of cherries.  I practiced making circles, I am going to use them for a different block.   I know there are all sorts of methods and tools to make those pesky circles.  Can you see what I used??

Quarters and some washers.  Pennies and dimes work well too.  I have all sizes of washers.   Do you use household items for quilting??


Henrietta said...

I have used breakfast plates as templates for a circle rag quilt. Hmm maybe a blog post there!

Nancy said...

Sorry to hear that you are both under the weather. I hope it moves on soon.

Love the blocks and the cherries.

Alycia said...

Hope you feel better soon!!

Paula, the quilter said...

I always have to count and recount, so I, too, have started to write the number down and stick it to the stack. One other thing I do is to stack 10 face up and then 10 face down and then 10 face up. I always do 10 that way I can count in 10s. *smile*

Katie Z. said...

I use my quilting ruler to cut pastry for homemade poptarts!

Lori said...

I'm always thinking of hardware stuff to use with my quilts. Hard to get out of that brain wave, since I worked at a hardware store for 10 years. Now at an animal shelter for 10. wow where is the time flying. Sorry you guys aren't feeling well. We are having crazy weather here in 20's one day 60's the next, they call it the pineapple current lol.

MightyMom said...

I made my baptist fan qulting pattern for my gigantic Mommie Quilt using plates and saucers. I use freezer paper like a mad woman,

not to mention the household item called a rotary cutter!