Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, July 6, 2015
July's RSC color is RED, so I made three album blocks with RED in them.

Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

I also packed more stash to sew with at the camper--

A large tote and a smaller one.  Whatever caught my eye and a box of scraps.

I precut pieces for 10 album and 10 Monkey Wrench blocks--

All sorts of choices in those piles!

Weekly Goals--

4 Album and Monkey Wrench blocks
Riverboat Days Challenge quilt

I have a busy week, three days of volunteering and a picnic.  Those goals will be enough.

Friday night was my 40th class reunion.  Relaxed and sociable, it was held in a local mechanic shop owned by a classmate.  (Thanks Dave!)  Even air conditioned and decorated!  Yes, big potted plants and bar tables and long picnic tables.  Lots of food (grilled pork loin and whatever else someone brought).  A power point program ran all night on the wall, it had our graduation pics, current pics, and any information we sent in, family pics, address, etc.  (Thanks Jim, Theresa, and anyone else who worked so hard to put this together)

The gentleman in the front is not a classmate, but a former teacher--my favorite!!  Bob C. who taught band.  

I have company this week in the camper--

Ruby the quilting dog!  She was laying in front of my chair, she warms my feet.  I thought she might whine when Ken left but I bribed her with a cookie.  

Its cooler today, storms went through last night but we missed most of them, some rain, that was it.  I have my door open and I am sewing, listening to a male wren singing.  His mate has a nest in a birdhouse I hung on my campsite.  They are not scared of me, and I love to listen to him sing.  Sometimes he sits on the edge of roof of the bird house, and leans over singing to his mate who is sitting on eggs. 



Sara said...

Looks like your class reunion was a success - fun and casual.

Enjoy having some company at the camper this week. Does she get to help volunteer too? I would think the visitors would love seeing her.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Ruby, the quilting camping dog. She probably thinks she on vacation!

I'm enjoying the cool breeze today. Mostly thunder & lightning last night, with a little rain.Today we have smokey haze from the Canadian fires, can even smell the smoke at times.

I enjoy listening to the wrens singing too. Hubby has a bunch of bird houses out for them so we have quite a few nesting near the house.

Tired Teacher said...

Love those blocks with a pop of red!

It's been very cool here the last two days, and I love having the house open again. The concert in the park tonight was nice, but it was chilly. Nearly everyone was wrapped in blankets and coats except for some foolhardy folks in shorts and tank tops. Brrr!