Saturday, July 25, 2015
The week is flying by, time to check on my goals-

3 RSC RED album blocks--in progress
3 RSC RED Monkey Wrench/9 Patch Blocks--in progress
Embroidery work on Eagle--in progress

No pictures of finished blocks.  I've volunteered 3 days and Lorri2Rs and I shopped in Sioux Falls one day.   We went to Costco--really--the place should be banned!  Lots of necessities jumped in my cart!  Cell phones/internet make purchases so much easier, I wanted to buy Max an outfit but couldn't decide which one, so Lorri2Rs held three up and I sent Laura Beth a picture--

Glad I did, he already had one of them!  Lorri2Rs had told me about the cute sweatshirt she bought her grandson Karsen and I HAD to buy them for Mason and Asher.  They loved them--they sent me a picture wearing them with their pajamas.

Spiderman and Batman!  There was also Ninja turtles and Marvel Avengers.   The sweatshirts have flip down mesh masks in the hood!  

Lorri and I did buy fabric, I needed a little fabric for another wall hanging.  The project is 6"x9".  Really, 7 yards of fabric purchased for it??  I confess, there are more parts to this wall hanging, but the one I need to make now is small.  I want the additional parts to coordinate so that is why I purchased that much fabric.  One shop had scrap bags, I bought one of neutrals (neutrals go fast) and a small bag of civil war repros.  Both can work in my wall hangings.  Lorri generously shared her bag with me, and I picked out two gold fabrics to use in my wall hanging. 

Its been very hot and humid the last few days.  I've picked summer squash from my garden, the peppers are developing and the cucumbers are covered with blossoms.  The tomatoes are slower but hope the warmer weather will help.  



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You're actually getting peppers!! My plants will NEVER make peppers. They were so beautiful when I planted them. Then they shrunk. No kidding. They're just little shriveled up things that don't grow. I've heard quite a few people around here say that theirs are doing about the same. Beans are plentiful. Sweet corn looks good. Now if we can only keep the coons out of it. Squash vines, cantaloupe vines, watermelon vines and some weird viney beans the hubby planted are taking over everything. The heat and humidity just wilts me but the plants love it.

Isn't it just too easy to find cute things in the kid & baby departments? Even my son is afflicted with the cuteness. :) He says he's often the only guy wandering around in the baby/toddler areas. It doesn't bother him a bit!

Tired Teacher said...

I just got home from Nebraska, and it was HOT and humid there, too, a bit too much for this Wyoming gal.

Love the hoodies!