Motivation Friday

Friday, July 31, 2015
Time to check on my goals--

Finish red album blocks--Done
Finish patriotic album blocks--Doe
Work on flag wall hanging--Yes

Sometime this week I did lots of sewing??!!  

Three patriotic red/white/blue album blocks.  The flag wallhanging is partially quilted and I hope to finish it next week.

I like to cook/bake.  If you have ever used the propane stove in a camper you know it can be challenging.  The stovetop heats the camper and there is ON or OFF.  Well, there are more settings but it seems like those are the only two.  Lots of burnt offerings at the camper.  Potholders and pieces of paper, not just food!  Pat has an induction burner and loves it.  More campers were using them so I ordered one.  

This is mine, its a Duxtop 9100 and it works beautifully!  Lots of different recipes were tried, puddings and frosting, melting chocolate chips, perking coffee, stir fry, bacon and eggs.  Ahhhh!  The cake, well, its was in the picture!  Pound cake with fresh blueberries.  I shared it with Brady and Bonita--it didn't last long!  I can bake (kinda) in the propane oven.  The round Nordicware cake pans work the best  I use "cake pan wraps" to keep the outer edges from cooking too fast.  (Cake pan wraps are used by professional cake decorators--mine are 4 layers of flannel sewn together.  WOF strips about 2.5" wide, you wet them and wrap around the outside of the cake pan and secure with a stick pin.)



Tired Teacher said...

I had no idea there were such things for campers now. . .obviously, I don't get out much.

Love the album blocks and have been making several myself this week.