Motivation Friday

Friday, November 4, 2011
Time to check on my goals.  Its been a busy week!  

The backing is ready for Petey's quilt.  I've worked on my Secret Santa project.   And, I made a backing for a top.  I even quilted that backing onto one of Henrietta's quilts!   I made a binding for another of Henrietta's quilts.  And machine stitched them on--I just have to hand sew them down.  I was on a roll!

Mason needed some new sheets.  His crib is now a toddler bed, and I forgot how long its been since I made any sheets.  Now he sleeps with a pillow---and of course a pillowcase or two from Grandma would be nice.  Ken and I squished this all in a priority box.  

5 sheets, 2 pillowcases.   4 sheets are flannel, and they just didn't squish real well!  I did find some Beatrix Potter fabric in my stash, but the Dr. Suess I had to buy.  And the yellow and red flannels I bought--I just don't have a flannel stash.  

I finished the baby blue 4 patches.  Having binding ready to go really sped it along.   This finish will keep me from being the UFO Queen--this time. 

If you ever have the chance to meet a fellow blogger/internet friend--DO NOT PASS IT UP!  This week I met Susan--and we didn't get to talk near long enough.  Susan--I have lots of questions I forgot to ask while we talked--expect a LONG email!  

Susan's route took her close to me, she was moving some stash.  Take a peak in her car--

Yup, that SUV is full of stash and things.  There is a sewing machine riding shotgun on the passenger side floor.   This was a solo run--no room for passengers!  But Susan did find room for a bit more stash from the local quilt shop. 

Over the weekend Ken and I plan to pack the camper up and move it home.   No sewing until next week. 


Katie Z. said...

Wow! You really were productive!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You've had a busy week. Mason's going to be sleeping in style...he's lucky to have such a great Grandma.

Stephanie D said...

You make sheets??? Really?? Wow!

LOVE the baby blue 4-patch!

Brenda said...

Now you have definitly givine some good advice about not passing up meeing web friends. It happened to me - someone from the far away was going to be driving right by my little town, and ...... they did not stop. Said the 'couldn't' =- uh, I would have met them on the highway, at the gas station, 5 minutes later they would/could have been gone. But they 'couldn't' take the time and, well, I feel snubbed. Should I even say that!! But really, it would have been fun!!
As for your package! What a haul!!! New bed stuff, from Grandma!!! Perfect!!!

And you are doing great on your finishes - you can not take the UFO queen crown away from me!!!! I think that crown is why I have so many, it's so weighed down with them that I can't see what I am doing anymore, so I 'accidently' start something else!!!

that's my story and I am sticking to it!!! ;-)

Have a great day, and super sewing to you!!!!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I agree Lori, meeting fellow bloggers is fantastic. I got to meet Gene from Alabama and Pat from Delaware! What fun. Looks like you are keeping up with those goals pretty well!

Move that camper and Sew On.........

Suzanne said...

Goodness busy!

Henrietta said...

Trying to figure what you had to make a backing for, I usually ship with backing and binding all neatly tied up and packaged in a plastic bag. Oh well, I will find out eventually.

I am appalled at your productivity, think I need a nap.

Susan said...

That looks even worse than I remember! =) There are always more things to talk about than there is time! I enjoyed our meeting and if I'm through that area again, you can expect a call!

I can't believe you made the sheets and pillowcases! Well, of course, I believe it, but I'm amazed. What a lucky boy Mason is!