Veterans Day, Motivation Friday

Friday, November 11, 2011
Today is Veteran's Day.  Remember to thank those who served

Time to check on my goals.  There's been a lot of sewing here! 

Quilted Petey top, made binding, sewed it on. Now its ready for the hand stitching

Work on a UFO--pulled out Sunny Lanes flimsey and put on the borders.  Whew--its a king size, was a bit awkward.

Found a quilted scrappy bargello and applied a scrappy binding--two sections I'd saved on my cardboard tube

Trimmed a kids brite quilt, now its ready for binding

Loaded a QOV

Hmmm--I've done my goals from Monday--except a fun block. 

My progress
I decided to start a new project---I love the pattern "25 in 25" and decided to make it in blues.   2" strips---so I pulled out blues.  I cut 50 different blue fabrics.  While I had the fabric out and flat, I also cut 2.5" strips, and if the piece had a chunk cut out somewhere--I evened it out and put those cuts in the scrap box.  I have all the strip sets sewn and pressed, ready for cutting.

Blue 2.5" strips and Extra 2" strips
Here's my extra strips, all tied up nicely with a selvage.    There are probably enough 2" strips for another project.  Unless I miscalculated--which I often do!  And a whole bunch of 2.5" strips---good prospect for a quilt that uses jelly rolls. 

The camper is being emptied.  I've had a bad crick in my neck--just a muscle spasm--but it sure incapacitates me.   Ken brought in the canned goods.   Why did I have 6 regular cans of tuna--and one MONGO size can?   I've not that fond of tuna!  Five cake mixes.   Still more to be unloaded, but I like to put away the stuff as it comes in, lots of sorting.  There are items that will be stored in boxes in the basement until next year.  


Brenda said...

DON'T put away what comes from the camper!! Use it!! All of it!! Use it up and make fun things and then - new food will end up in the camper for next year {or on the trip to Texas!! ;-)} And I laughed at the not really liking Tuna that much! Yet you have a super can and 6 babies...hmmmm!! lol!

I love the bargello quilt!!! Beautiful!! And this new project, looks like fun!! Have a great weekend and I will see your monday goals, on, well, monday then!! bye!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You've been busy. I have a QOV quilt along with its pieced backing, batting AND cone of thread sitting on the quilting machine. Thought I'd get to it today but that didn't happen. Spent too long visiting when I went to the Historical Society turkey dinner. :)

Mary Johnson said...

Your stack looks like my railing! Isn't it nice to work through a list of goals.

Hope your neck is better soon!

Stephanie D said...

Good for you!

You're doing with your camper what I'm doing with the Hallowe'en stuff, and that takes a little longer in the beginning, but is so worth while in the end. The driver's side of my garage is now so much neater--and more stable!

Half the passenger's side got organized this past spring when my neighbor assembled new shelving for me, and the other half will be done by spring--some of it when Christmas items get repacked away.

Hope that neck gets to feeling better soon. I'll bet Ken hopes that, too.

Susan said...

How funny! I was back to working on my 25-Patches today. I just wanted to do something fun that took no brain - I don't do strips, I use the scrap 2.5" squares I cut when I'm at the end of things.