A New Favorite Tool

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Do you look at all the quilting tools out there? I do!  I saw a "Bias Tape Maker Machine".  Whoa!~!  Almost $100--no way!!  But then I saw the "tip"--you buy that separately.  I use tips to make different size bias for applique.  Now, why couldn't you use the 2.5" tip to make quilt binding, without the expensive machine?  So--I bought one. 

ITS THE NEXT BEST THING TO A ROTARY CUTTER!!  Seriously--I like bias binding.  I don't mind MAKING the bias binding.  I HATED the pressing of the binding.  I was always burning my fingers on the iron.  Had a zillion pins stuck to hold the binding while I ironed it.  It took forever!  

I made binding for a king size quilt.  Pressed it using the new tool.  Took me 15 minutes--maybe.  I never burned my fingers.  

I took a few pictures of how I use that tip.
First--you make your binding--and press all the seams the same way--AWAY from the tip.

Then--you thread one end of the binding through the tip and pin it at one end of your ironing board.  See the stick pin on the right?

I pull the binding tool with my left hand--ironing it flat as it comes out the tip.  When you get to a seam--you hold the pressed binding down with your right hand--and tug gently to pull the seam through.  You can pull/iron the entire length of your ironing board if you like.  Then--you reposition the binding back to the right (if you iron from right to left) and stick a pin in.  And press another ironing board length.   You only need the ONE pin, and the iron stays away from your fingers. 

Using that tool makes pressing binding a breeze.  I make binding 2.5" wide and then its folded in half--I sew a generous seam when I apply binding--easier to do, wears longer, and fills the binding on the inside.

Want one? Buy it here for $12 with free shipping. 

And that's why I have so many quilts ready to hand sew the binding!  


Nancy said...

Very clever! I'll look into it.

Mary-Kay said...

Aren't you the smartie pants! I have a bias tape maker and never thought to use it to make binding. Wel how dumb am I! Now I better start using it. Thanks for the tip.

Elaine Adair said...

I have several of them, somewhere, but I still do my binding the 'regular', old fashioned way!

Tomorrow I'm off to the lumber store to get some of the dry silicone spray - Hope to be ready for machinge quilting in a few days. If weather is warm Sunday, as predicted, I can get one basted! Yeahhhhh! Thanks for the reminder about that product. I had forgotten.

Eileen said...

Very slick. You have a nice blog.