Monday Goals

Monday, January 23, 2012
Time for goals!  Last week my only goal was to finish 10 more Anita's Arrowhead blocks.  It was a good week--I finished 29.  A queen size is 121 blocks, and I now have more than 100.   Marilyn, Liz, and I are each making a quilt called Four-Patch Plaid from the book Nickel Quilts.  It's a project using our stash.   I have half the 4 patches made, and about half the long 2 patches.  No more can be done on that until I get back to my stash.  Found a huge wadge of noodles sewn together in pairs in my sewing room--and I couldn't remember what I had been making.  I packed them thinking I would unpick them and use them in the Four-Patch Plaid.  I laid them out---hmm--each pair of noodles has a matching pair.  And then I remembered!  I was making a Scrappy Bargello

Scrappy Bargello Strips, 4 patches, Arrowhead blocks
This week I will--

  1. Make 10 more Arrowhead blocks
  2. Work on Scrappy Bargello strips

I'm heading back to South Dakota in a few days.  Just watching the weather and checking road conditions.  We're had snow, rain, ice and wind the last few days. 


Katie Z. said...

I look forward to seeing all of your blocks together! Good luck with a safe drive home.

Stephanie D said...

I have that book--Nickel Quilts, and the one after it, too. I'd not looked through those in a while and it was nice to get the chance.

So, you gonna head home, gather up more fabric, and drive back to Mankato? Just buy some fabric there. I'm sure even hubby would agree that's less expensive. LOL

Henrietta said...

Go home!
It is positively tropical in Parkston compared to MN.

pdudgeon said...
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pdudgeon said...

let's try that one again!
looks like you're making great progress on your arrowhead blocks!
I almost envy you your snow as we haven't had a single flake here yet. Spring is comming!

JuJu said...

Come to NE, it's sunny and 43!!