Weekly Goals

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Its been too hot to blog.  No motivation for anything.  107F yesterday.  Its good weather to read and nap!

Weekly Goals--

  1. Press Sister's Choice rows
  2. Press Simply Solids rows
  3. Cut more Merry Go Round strips

I can't say I haven't been sewing.  All the Sister's Choice blocks are in rows.  Simply Solids blocks are in rows too--just need to measure and see if I want to enlarge it a bit.  I have used all the MerryGoRound strips I brought with me to the camper.  And--I've even done some hand applique on Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt.  

I haven't finished anything.  I haven't bought any fabric.  No design wall because Ken was sleeping on the bed Sunday!  (I use the bed while at the camper)

Remember when I bought Evelyn the 301 for $5?  

I needed a slant shank 1/4" foot.  

1/4" foot
Cost--$20.  4X what the machine cost.  Now that made me chuckle!!

I hope you have cool activities planned for your week!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Too hot to have any motivation is right!! Our big window AC went out late Sat. afternoon....puffing smoke out the back. The little 6000 btu AC in the sewing room running flat out, along with a box fan blowing into the living room or bedroom, kept the house liveable though warmer than comfortable. This morning I went AC hunting. Finally found a 8000 btu at Sears. 10,000 would have been better but sometimes you have to take what you can get.

Nancy said...

Yikes, 107F -- I feel cooler already in the 90s hanging around here.

Giggling here about the disparity of the machine and foot cost.

Several years ago, I found a Montgomery Ward machine at a thrift shop for $5. Once I cleaned off all the grime and gave it a good oiling, it worked great.

Anonymous said...

My 301 cost $200, feet included, so you got a terrific deal!