Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, April 29, 2013
This is what I'm working on--

DeeDee's Star is on the Princess ready to quilt.  The pieces--those are my green cake stand blocks.  First I cut one piece 1/2" too small.  I recut those pieces and redid my HST's.  Laid them out--Hmmm.  Now I've cut them 1/2" too big!  They are waiting for me to trim them down.   See what everyone is working on at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--
  1. Quilt DeeDee's Star
  2. Bind one quilt
  3. Finish green cake stand blocks
  4. Make green 30's blocks
  5. Sew more Trip Around the World blocks together
That's more than enough for this week.  Tomorrow we hope to set our camper up for the summer, I'm ready to start volunteering.  

Sunday we met Laura Beth and family--Mason, Nick, and Laura Beth went to the circus.  Asher, Ken and I did a couple of errands and then to the park.   But--Asher fell asleep on the way and instead he and Ken napped.  

It was a beautiful day--the park was full of people. 

The weather forecast is for cooler weather, possibly SNOW FLURRIES later this week.  Sheesh!  

This week I made some PVC Bluebird houses, I hope to get them set out tomorrow too.  I know there are some bluebird couples looking for new quality housing!  

What are you doing this week?  



Norece said...

Sweet picture! Would love to see your Blue Bird houses, I have recently seen a couple flying around our place and would like to to stay for awhile.

pcflamingo said...

Hey, I am just getting started on one of your charm star quilts like DeeDee's Star. I had two different people give me sandwich baggies full and I mean FULL of charm squares left over from various projects and I knew this was the pattern I wanted to use some of them on. I just need to finish cutting my white star points....then I can really get officially "started" :D

Mary Johnson said...

We had dinner outside tonight and Keith told me we have some winter weather predicted for later in the week too. I thought Spring was here to stay!

Great photo of the nappers I have one of Keith and Rae in the chair napping that is a favorite of mine.

Nancy said...

The napping photo is precious!

It's supposed to snow here today and again tomorrow. I've had ENOUGH of the white stuff!

Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

Thanks for the cheerful header! I love winter, but Spring deserves a chance!