Weekly Goals and How We Spent the Weekend

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
First my goals for the week--
  1. Bind one quilt
  2. Finish Cake Stand Blocks
  3. 30's Blocks for Rainbow Scrap Challenge
  4. Load a top
  5. One yoyo center
That will keep me busy.

Ken and I spent the weekend in Mankato with Laura Beth, Nick, Mason and Asher.  Mason and I frosted some "Lamingtons".

Mason liked eating the coconut and chocolate sauce best--

Mason eating coconut with chocolate sauce
Mason always helps Grandma cook--

Making yellow split pea soup
We dyed Easter eggs--

Laura Beth and Mason with gloves on
The kit promised it would be "easy and mess free".  Yeah--we didn't believe it either--Nick covered everything with several layers of newspapers.   I don't think we dyed anything we weren't supposed to--our clothes, the table, Mason and Laura Beth were free from any extra dye. 

Nick will be eating eggs all week.   Three at lunch each day are planned

There is a great carousel at the Mall in Mankato, Mason loves it and Asher, well--he looks solemn but I think he enjoyed it.

Nick and Asher
Mason and Laura Beth
Take a close look at the pictures.  Asher is riding a goat and Mason a rabbit.  I am crushed--what happened to HORSES you guys??!!

The roads were miserable driving home.  A greater part of the trip had this view--

Following a snowplow
Visibility was poor at times
Lots of one path traffic on the interstate--frozen slush and blowing snow.  We were so glad to get home.  

I worked on binding this weekend and have a finish--


This is a free pattern from Andover Fabrics called Garden Gate Plaids.

Weather forecast is cold for a few days but warmer by the weekend.  I hope Spring is on its way!  Remember going outside without a coat?  Having the windows open?  Flowers and green grass? 


Katie Z. said...

How did those boys get so big? Mason would probably have a lot of fun playing with Jimmy... I think they're close in age.

We have .2" of snow this morning after hail and 2" of rain over the last 36 hours. It's 28... I'm ready for at least 40sat night!

Nancy said...

I can relate to the snowplow photos. That was my scene on Monday morning as I took a friend to a doctor's appt. Spring where art thou?

Such a delight to see kids having fun and sharing in the cooking process.

Lovely quilt finish, Lori!

Cathy said...

I remember those... going without coats and hats, flowers, colour, warm breezes. It seems like a distant dream or memory....... LOL!!