Weekly Goals and What's on the Wall

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Although I've been absent from blogland there's been lots of sewing--

Alletaire has the rows sewn together and the setting blocks ready to attach.  Monday two bindings made and three sewn to quilted tops.  They have been moved to the Happy Binding Pile.  Today I spent two hours folding and putting fabric away.  Whew--better!  There is still a lot of fabric not on the shelves but its definitely an improvement.  Each month I organize one section--this month was the blues, reds, browns, oranges, and bolts. 

Sunday night I started to write down projects that were clamoring to be let out of their boxes.  Short list was 12 projects to complete (meaning all the blocks are made and need to be assembled or are in rows already).  Four tops ready to quilt.  Once Alletaire is off the design wall I'm putting Beach Party up.  They are a rowdy bunch, sand volleyball tournaments and I KNOW there is nude sunbathing going on, I ignored the man thong on the floor.  They are going back in a cabana (closet) until the wall is open.  Next would be surfboards, parasailing and beach bonfires under the Princess with batting as fuel!  The other projects cries are muffled by tightly closed tote lids and Ziploc bags zipped and stacked on shelves.  

Saturday's quilting was down to the last bit of thread--

Only a couple partial bobbins left of this blue.  

Weekly Goals--

Sew more Alletaire
Work on Binding
Bricks and Stepping Stones 4 patches
Load a top on the Princess
Work on April class projects 
Sister's Choice Blocks

Way more than I will get done this week but I like to have options!  Thursday is guild night, then grandsons and hopefully a date night for Laura Beth and Nick.  Ken's first week of full shifts and I'm hoping he doesn't get too tired and sore.  

Friday I was playing on the internet and looked at Craigslist for the 2nd time in my life.  Typed in "sewing machine" and VOILA--a listing for a Singer 201-2!  It was fate I tell you!  Although I have many sewing machines my favorite is Becca the 201--

Becca the 201
The "new" machine will need a bit of elbow grease and maybe some new wiring but soon she will be a teammate to Becca.  The gentleman selling her said he didn't think his mother in law had used her in 40 years.  She moved freely and smoothly and I'm looking forward to sewing with her.  



Vic in NH said...

OMG, your Allietare is beautiful! And a new 201, too? How perfect! And that's amazing that your cone of blue is gone. It takes a LOT of sewing to use up a whole cone, be proud!

Sara said...

It is amazing to me how well those old mechanical machines still sew after 40 years of neglect. But that won't happen with our newer computerized ones. As always you inspire me with how much you accomplish!

BTW - when I got home last night from the Summit League basketball tournament (mini-vacation) there was a package in my mail from you. Thanks for lending me this book. I'll return it in a timely manner, I promise.

Tired Teacher said...

You're making great progress on your projects. Love the Allietare quilt: it will be finished soon.

Old sewing machines were built to last, and those who were lovingly tended are gems.

mereth said...

Keryn and I have about five 201s between us, we can't leave them behind. Keryn has our Mum's machine, which is older than us,and I have another one in my sewing room. The other three (or four) are backups. They're wonderful machines, and still not expensive here.