Homeward Bound

Thursday, September 29, 2016
Friday we had breakfast with Pat & Randy before we left--

It was so hard to leave them!  We love you!!  We got on I80 and headed west.  Our next stop was Blair NE.  We were looking for a quilt shop when 2Rs spied a Goodwill.  I almost got whiplash from her squealing into the parking lot!   A great Goodwill--I bought a bread machine, a heated footbath and Corning WareI love to collect CorningWare!  Some new to me pieces--

A coffee pot, a large loaf pan and an unusually shaped bowl--

It has markings for measuring on the inside, two pouring lips and a "ear" for a handle.  New to me, I've never seen one like this, have you??  After rearranging our purchases we stopped at the local quilt shop.  Yes, more sale fabric!  By now we were shopped out.  And our wallets were definitely lighter.  So we headed northwest to pick up 2Rs mother Lavonne.  Not much room in the car, I volunteered to tie Lavonne on the roof and she threatened to smack me with her cane.  We got everything in and made it to my camper where LOTS of bags were unloaded.  One bag of fabric hid in a corner under the seat and rode to Iowa--I think it wanted to go to the football game with 2Rs and play with her new kitten.  She said she will stuff it in an envelope no matter how much it complains and mail it to my Mailbox.  

And that is how I spent last week!



Sara said...

What a fun road trip - shopping and great friends. Sounds perfect to me!

sunny said...

I agree with Sara - sounds like a perfect trip! A road trip that includes fabric shopping with a good friend....

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

...and a good time was had by all! Show us pictures of your fabric stash additions.

Nann said...

Welcome home!

Serious foodies/chefs pan Corningware (pun intended). I like it and use mine all the time. It might go back to when I was starting out in the mid-70's and Corningware was expensive, at least for me. When we got married DH had one cornflower pan and a cornflower percolator (part of his "dowry," LOL). I now have an assortment of patterns, some the French kitchen, some Cornflower, and a couple of others. My gripe is that over the years they've changed the shape of the pans so replacement plastic covers don't fit my old pans.