Tales from the Mailbox on HWY 121

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
1R has been neglecting me.  Ken picked up the mail on Saturday and there was a box--and I don't know what's in it!  1R at least took pictures of what was in the wonderful smelly package from Vic.  But this one--is it a secret?  I tell you, I'm going to pout until she tells me what was in it!!

1Rs isn't here November-April or so.  Its vacation for me.  Luckily I am not lonely, I'm in a row of mailboxes so we chat all the time--I'm the one leaning on the left, 1Rs promised me an update next year. 

I overlook a restraurant/beer/bait place--

That place is JUMPIN' on the weekends!  Loud music and the parking lot is full of vehicles!  They have a billboard that "moves"--

Don't you love that?  Great idea!

Back to pouting!  

The Mailbox on HWY 121


Sara said...

Thanks for the laugh today!! I often neglect my mail box too because I forget to walk down the block to check.

Vic in NH said...

Ahhh, smelly old Vic with her sachets! Now I need to figure out the address for your sister mailbox in the winter time.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I used to get my mail on Mondays & Thursdays, sometimes Saturdays, when I worked. Now with retirement I forget the mail even exists. :) Daughter's family has eaten at the Dam Fish Shack and she says the food is good.