Monday Goals (on Tuesday!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Stayed so busy yesterday I didn't have time to think about this week's goals.

1. Quilt the top I've been waiting on the thread for--I'm halfway
2. Quilt the pink hearts quilt
3. Work on the tossed salad blocks--I thought I was done but I have two more strips for each block yet-drat!
4. Get more dirt hauled into my flower beds--I figure I need about another 30 five gallon buckets!
5. Put together the blocks on my design wall

Its rained here again, over an inch last night, and today while I was gone shopping it rained again. Ken is moping around, but I am glad it's at least green out! I have a few more Lathyrus Latifolus to be planted, started the seeds in little peat pots and they are now about 3 inches tall.


Stephanie D said...

You are so good! Goal-setting every week. I am impressed!