Quilt Show Setup

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Oh, the quilt show looks to be lots of fun!! See the baskets for door prizes??

Next is Phyllis, she brought her quilts in a rolling suitcase. Smart woman, that Phyllis!!

Here are the ladies checking in quilts. It was a LONG list. If you look carefully, in the background you can see our guild's quilt stands. Phyllis's husband made them several years ago and our guild rents them out to other guilds.

And here is Ruby, she is my friend who loaned me a sewing machine plus tools so I could make the pineapple smoothy quilt while we lived in a motel for five months. Ruby used a garbage bag to haul her quilts.

Our quilt show is held in an school gym. We are limited on room, that is why we only bring four full size quilts. Can you imagine how much room we might need if we all brought 8-10 quilts??!!!


Pat said...

Wish I was there to see all the beautiful quilts and inspiration!

Have a GREAT show :)