Wednesday Ramblings

Monday, February 23, 2009
Today's post will be a hodge podge of things.

First, I received Judy's box. It's perfect timing as I am cooking New Year's Cajun recipes I received from Vicky for my visiting relatives, and anyone else who shows up! Judy and Vicky both grew up in Louisiana.

I need the apron, I am a messy cook!

I made a top out of Tia's blocks, and plan to make a backing and binding to match, I have plenty of the border fabric. The fabric for the blocks came out of Paul's (my favorite brother in law's) box. Sorry, but the afternoon light really washes out the color. If you enlarge the pictures you can see the colors better.

I had a few blocks left over.

In Paul's box was a whole bunch of cut out squares. I think his mother was at one time planning a 9 patch. When I have time, I will play with these and see what I can come up with.

Last night we went out to eat and saw a movie, if you like action/spy movies, see Liam Neesom's Taken--I could go again! The plate from the salad bar is Ken's, the beer is MINE!

I read this on Pat's blog. I'm still cleaning my computer screen.

"Someone asked me if I was a quilter. I said well......I'm like a man and sex...I think about it all the time, talk about it all the time, read about it all the time....but I don't do it so much!"

Pat, you made my day reading this. I hope you are feeling better, and remember, it only takes one leg to run a sewing machine!!


Brenda said...

I can hardly wait to see the move "Taken"!! I am glad to hear it's good. That is good to know!

I am glad you are cooking with those spices. Ever since I read about them, I have been woundering how they would be!! I have never been to Louisiana, and as close as I have been to Cajun cooking would be Mexican, soooo I am curious.....
Bet it's going to be great!!!

Have fun sewing this week, so far it's looking good.....

Henrietta said...

No no that beer is mine!

MightyMom said...

haha. yeah, I'm that kind of quilter too!!

I've not ever used Slap Ya Mama so I'm interested in how those spices turn out for ya.

But I put a bit of Tony Chacere's Creole seasoning in's a genetic disorder. :-)

Did I ever send you MY crawfish etoufee' recipe?? What about my gumbo recipe?????

Stephanie D said...

I'll have to add that movie to my list of ones to see--it's turning into quite a list!

Apron, bib, I could use either!