Motivation Friday

Friday, October 23, 2009
I'm beat! The last few days I've spent canning. A VERY NICE LADY gave me two large boxes of pears. Now, I love pears. Last night Ken and I canned 18 pints. Today I made 10 various sized jars of pear/cranberry/pineapple/orange/ginger jam! That's a mouthful! I had a dab left over and I ate it as a jelly sandwich. Yummy! I can hardly wait to make some homemade bread to eat it on.

No, I usually don't turn my jars over while they're hot, but the cranberries want to float to the top so I'll keep turning these as they set up.

And I also cooked a whole electric roaster full of pears. I will make that into pear butter tomorrow. And I still have some pears left. Hmm--what can I make next??

Oh--you wanted to hear about how my QUILTY goals are coming?!

B/W stepping stones aren't all sew together yet. When they are all off the wall I will preview the 9 patches. I did get the D9P pastel blocks done. Still auditioning them. Sonja's windows, I think I will go sew on them now. I'm tired and they are so relaxing! What did you do this week??


Stephanie D said...

That's an awful lot of pears! No wonder you're beat!

But won't they taste good this winter?

pdudgeon said...

what did i do this week? not nearly as much as you! but i did get in a great catelogue from the Vermont Country Store. apparently they've come a long way and now have a web site too!

i've had a ball looking thru their catelogue. Also re-organized my closit so i can walk in there now, and put some extra clothes out in the garage. Did 6 loads of laundry yesterday, made 4 quarts of Mexican Chicken Soup, and wrote my daughter a long e-mail. Also worked on my last Christmas quilt for this year, and am just about ready to sew the quarters into a top. then all i need to do is put on two borders and it will be ready for the quilter.
oh, and i caught the flu yesterday.
fortunately just the day before i had gone to the grocery store and stocked up on everything, so i can spend the weekend guilt-free, lying down, drinking soda, and eating crackers while i watch the football games, LOL. i have such good timing!!

Nancy said...

Nothing tastes better in the middle of winter than summer captured in a Mason jar. Enjoy!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

After all that work you're probably ready to shoot that VERY NICE LADY!! LOL Once I get my new kitchen stove installed I'll be able to can the squash. Kind of hard to do when you only have one kind of functioning burner. Don't even ask me how long it took to bring a pot of soup to a boil last night. Supper was kind of late.

Sweet P said...

Wow! That's a lot of pears. The jam sounds very interesting and very yummy!

MightyMom said...

my step mom made a sidedish, was roasted with a bit of rosemary and I don't know what spices...but it had red potatoes, carrots, sweet taters, and apple all cut up in big chunks and roasted on a cookie sheet. then stired together. It was sooo good. especially the sweet apple in there. I'd bet your pears would be too yummy in that dish! she served it with a pork roast. yummmmm great for cold weather!