Motivation Friday

Friday, February 20, 2015
Time to check my progress--

Load another top to quilt--DONE
Sew binding on Album Quilt--DONE
Binding for Island Chain--DONE
Binding for Summer Nites at the Lake
Binding for Cheddar Delight
Backing for Summer Nites at the Lake--DONE
Backing for Cheddar Delight
5" challenge project--Taking to Iowa
Liz's Squared project--Taking to Iowa
Finish 30's challenge columns--Taking to Iowa

A good week so far.  Another top is loaded on the Princess and bobbins are wound.  I've been counting tops that are ready to quilt--eight!  I was brave and checked the closets--only 3 sets of blocks in rows on hangers.  PROGRESS!!

Tops to quilt

Blocks in rows
Don't worry, there are plenty of UFO's packed in EZStor bags.  The closet projects are ones I've targeted to finish.  They are well aged!

Binding Pile
I'm trying to have a large stack of tops to hand sew binding.  By this time next month I plan to be on "grandma duty".    My sewing machine etc will go along but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to sew.  ;-)

This weekend is sewing with the Iowa Sweat Shop Ladies.  I'm packing lots of projects.  

Have you sewn with friends lately?  Is it a regularly scheduled thing?  Do you meet at a shop or at some one's house??  Social sewing is so much fun and you just feel GOOD.  


Nancy said...

I don't sew with friends, but I do knit with them every week - such fun to work and visit.

Love the sewing machine cabinet. I gave the one I had to my sister.

Susan said...

I have a group that meets at my house every Tuesday.... Some knit, some stitch and some just come to talk and stay in touch..... We call ourselves the Knit Witz because knitting was the original intent....... Now we welcome anyone....

Sara said...

Great progress and that closet will be empty before you know it. Grandma time next month may be a lot of fun and give you very little time to sew. Holding new babies is more fun and so it playing with those little boys.

Katie Z. said...

Well done!

I don't see with others much, as the ladies I would like to sew with also have small children, and those that don't are awfully hard on those of us who do. I do sew with my daughter when she's in the mood, and I love it.

Vic in NH said...

Whoohoo! Miss Princess is smokin' now, girl!!! Love that binding pile of quilts, they look great!