Wedge Wednesday

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Wedge Wednesday--time to dust off your ruler, dig in your stash and have some fun!  Over the weekend I cut out my Christmas Tree skirt using the 10 degree ruler--

Read your directions carefully and mark the ruler with tape per the directions.  I found it easiest if I left my ruler where I made the last cut, remove the cut wedge to another table, and then flip my ruler for the next cut.   My strips were pressed using lots of starch to control the bias edges.  

This project has me looking more closely at patterns.  Dresden plates--wedges.  Grandmother's Fan--wedges.  New York Beauty--more wedges!  

Have you started your project?  See how many projects using wedges you see this week!



Nancy said...

Wow, LOTS of bias edges!

Sara said...

Love your fabric choices. I have a lot of Christmas fabrics in the stash and this makes me want to pull them out and play. Can't wait to see them as you start to assemble it. So pretty!