Sunday Stash Report--Happy Birthday Nick!

Sunday, February 1, 2015
New numbers this week.  

Stash in this week--17.5 yards
Stash added YTD-- 61.5 yards
Stash out this week--12.5 yards
Stash out YTD--12.5 yards

Stash is ahead 49 yards!

My purchases this week were 16 yards of wide muslin to dye for backing.  Its already dyed and matched to tops!  1.5 yards for a bag my friend Lorri2Rs made for me!  

Bag, bowl holders, and block

Chicken fabric inside bag
The bag and bowl holders are made from "special" fabric.  I am NOT a morning person.  If you enlarge the pic the fabric is coffee cups with the sayings "Good Morning" and "Wakey! Wakey!" under them.  There is chicken fabric.  I LOVE chicken fabric!  A block for an upcoming sew day Lorri2Rs and I are attending.  Lorri2Rs can whip out a bag in no time flat.  I LOVE my new bag!  Thank you Lorri!  (she even made my block for me!)  The bag pattern is a Kwik Sew Ellie Mae Designs K118.

Hand sewing the binding was finished this week on the PInk 30's Uneven 9 patches.  12.5 yards out.

Uneven 9 Patches and 30's blocks
The pink quilt is made from blocks I rediscovered while organizing my sewing room a few months ago.  

My purchases have been used to back tops I'm quilting.  Eventually they will be completely finished and my stash report will look much better.  Please see everyone's Stash Reports at Patchwork Times.

Lorri2Rs and I are residents of the "Workhouse on the Prairie".  She is visiting me and we are hard at work sewing.  Lorri2Rs is upholding the tradition of the Iowa Sweat Shop Ladies and toiling tirelessly.  She was the "Ironing Fairy"--she pressed two backings for me.  Today she helped me load another top on the Princess.  She's sewn a binding on a king size quilt she's finishing and working on a medallion quilt.  The weather today was rain/sleet/snow and now wind.  There is no where we need to be so tomorrow will be MORE SEWING! 
Happy Birthday to our Son in Law Nick!
Mason, Nick, Laura Beth, and Asher
We are so lucky to have Nick become part of our family!  



Nancy said...

Wow, lots going on in the Workhouse on th Prairie! I'd love to have an ironing fairy some days.

My sewing machine got quite a workout the last week, so today, I'm giving it a rest - the Sweat Shop is closed!

Sara said...

You're blowing me away - dying your own backing is very impressive. Wow!! That is a technique I haven't tried at all.

That pink quilt definitely looks like it could have been on a bed in the 1930s. So pretty!

Stephanie D said...

I love the idea of dyeing your own backing!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Love the pink quilt!

Your grandsons are looking so grown up. We babysat the twins yesterday and evidently stimulated them too much, because momma says she had a rough night with them. Guess we will have to dial it back a bit next time. :)

Today is the perfect day to stay in and sew. I think I'll get the heater in my quilting room revved up and get a quilt loaded. We did Jelly Roll Race quilts at our last quilt group meeting and we're supposed to bring a finished product to the next meeting...or at least a finished top. I'm shooting for COMPLETE!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family photo! You and Lorri are having too much fun. Just stop it! =)

Dar said...

Your bag is great looking. I would say your friend Lorri is such a sweetheart, ironing for you, making your block and bag. Everyone should have such a good friend. Your 1930's quilt is pretty. Congrats on your numbers out.