Busy but not quilty!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Today I mulched with garden with straw and watered it down. It has been too windy the last few days to spread straw, but today was nice and still. I also got the tomato cages around the plants. I have a Clematis and a Perennial Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Latifolius) I made "bamboo wigwams" (hey--that's what they called them in the book!) for them to climb on this year. Maybe by next year they will graduate to a "real" trellis! I have been working for several years starting these Perenial Sweet Peas, and now I have found a couple more as I've been weeding my way around the house. They grow up into a shrub like bush (with a little support) and bloom profusely. Ken's grandmother had one and it was lovely, and it required very little care. So I live in hope that mine will get to that stage! Since South Dakota has such extremes of weather, it's hard to find plants that grow well. On the east and north side of my house I can grow hostas, columbines, snow on the mountain, campenula (okay--I can't remember how to spell that--they get pretty lavender blue bell flowers on them) and I've started many purple coneflowers--which should grow well in the hot areas because they are native to this area.
I have some wisteria (yes, they shouldn't grow here but I planted a special kind and it's sheltered on the south side of my house) that I would LIKE to transplant to the south side of my deck after it's built. We'll see. I also spread 4 more pails of compost in the flower beds and weeded some more. Whew--I think I'll get ready for bed!


Henrietta said...

Oh my aching back!

Stephanie D said...

Okay, Lori, I posted my tag answers. Come see! http://nightquilter.blogspot.com/2008/05/tagged.html