Keeping my tools handy

Thursday, May 8, 2008
I keep my seam rippers and self threading needles handy when I quilt. I attached two seam rippers with stick on velco- one to the front of the head and one to the back. And a friend made me a cute tie-on pincushion and I have that on the head loaded with self threading needles that I use to bury my thread ends after they've been knotted. On one end of my table there are baskets (oh--I'm a "basket queen" too!) and I keep my bobbins in them. Currently being used bobbins, wound but not completely used up bobbins. Thread is cheap, most the time I don't worry about using that last little bit on the bobbin while quilting, I just put a full one in. The odds and ends go on my domestic machine for piecing, making the bindings, sewing bindings down. It all seems to work in the end!

This picture shows my long arm, which is a KenQuilt Princess with Intellistich Turbo CL. I ordered her in British Racing Green, my favorite color! You can order your machine in any color you would like. What color would you pick??


JuJu said...

I'll take a purple one!!!

Vicky said...

I'd be boring and take navy blue! LOL

Henrietta said...

Mine is a white which shows the dust like crazy. I guess it is a good thing because I have no problems getting dust off before it gets on quilts. You can see my machine on the landing page of our website: