City Wide Cleanup Tomorrow

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cold, rain, wind. Ugh! We even had hail yesterday. Today was a good day for soup, so made some corned beef, cabbage and potato soup with homemade bread and german chocolate cake. Not much quilty stuff happening, I have been hand sewing a binding down. And tomorrow is all city cleanup--I was in the basement this evening finding all those things you SHOULD get rid of but haven't yet--old fans that don't work, two non-functioning treadmills, a humidifier that died, an old falling apart cupboard. I even got an old refrigerator ready to go--the doors are off. Now if DH and his friend can get it all carried out in the AM.....!!


SueR said...

Wow, you did some serious cleaning! I'll bet it felt good to get rid of all that stuff. Something we all need to do probably more often.