Motivation Friday

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm not sure what I've done this week would "motivate" anyone! Another load of compost for the garden. Helped my BIL haul out some landscaping rock at their house (that tractor got used again!) and then Ken and I put the rock between our back steps and the central air units. (Is that recycled rock??) Don't have any plants there, and it's a hard place to mow. We also put some more black dirt from the garden into my flowerbeds along the house. I have received only one spool of thread--the rest is back ordered yet. But I DO have a quilt loaded and have started quilting it. And I've put at least three more rounds on the tossed salad blocks. I've quartered and then sewn back together the blooming rose blocks and then squared them up. Haven't put them together into a top yet. Want to lay them out of the wall and "test drive" them. No garden planted, the man has not been here to till it yet. Bummer!!

It is still too wet to work in the fields. DH will soon be driving me crazy. My lawn is growing like crazy, think I will have to mow again tomorrow. And sew, sewing keeps me sane!!


Pat said...

Sorry to hear that your thread is on back order...bummer. Will it be there soon? At least your other projects are keeping you busy :)