Monday Goals

Sunday, June 15, 2008
I am home until Thursday night, hmmm, what kind of goals can I set??

1. Finish the pink heart quilt
2. Seal the deck
3. Trim my tossed salad blocks

Think that's enough goals for this week, I am volunteering Fri-Sat-Sun and does that make me feel old!! But I also want to pack my traveling sewing kit--you know--featherweight, cutting board, rubbermaid sewing box (that has about EVERYTHING you might need) and a few projects. What I like best it to take quilts that need the binding hand sewn down, perfect for sitting in my lawn chair in the evenings. I also set my sewing machine outside under the awning on my picnic table when the weather is nice. Too much wind and my awning flaps and my pieces fly away! You would be surprised how much sewing you can get done in a camper without a TV or a Husband!


JuJu said...

Hi Lori, I have 1 quilt ready to bind, are you volunteering to do bindings while enjoying the outdoor life?

Becky said...

I can't visualize what a tossed salad block looks like. Is that the name of the quilt? Could you post pictures where it is convenient? I love sewing down binding in the evenings, too. It's so relaxing.Enjoy your days at home. Enjoy your time at the Visitor's Center!

SueR said...

I sew downstairs all the time with no tv and no husband; and you're right, you can get a lot done! I have a tv downstairs, I just never watch it during the day. I'd like to see your tossed salad quilt too, when you get along that far.You do have quite a handy collection of baskets!

Henrietta said...

Without a computer helps too!