Motivation Friday

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Checked my goals, and I've done fairly well. The big bedspread quilt is off the Princess, Ken and I got some rubbermaid totes and packed away some of the things from the basement. I looked at shelving, Ken wants permanent type shelves, but I want portable, stand by themselves kind. We also bought some more floor fans, and I've got the pink quilt loaded and bobbins wound. I have even started quilting it. I am using the panto "Wandering Daisies", this quilt is for a little girl's birthday, isn't it darling??!! And my deck is done, I love it already. I doubt I will get much time to sew before Monday, I spend Saturday and Sunday at the Visitor Center.


SueR said...

Yes, that is a very pretty quilt, and the panto is perfect for it! I'll bet your new deck will get lots of use this summer. Enjoy!

Stephanie D said...

I love the panto--so lighthearted looking.

The deck is done?? Where are the photos??

Becky said...

Have fun at the Visitor's Center! The pink quilt looks wonderful. Like your quilting choice.

Take care!

Henrietta said...

The quilt is adapted (I can't ever make it exactly the way it is supposed to be, things change) from a book by Anita Hallock, Sizzling Quilts pub. 1999. She calls it a Woodpile Block. Great leader and ender block, a cross between log cabin and fence rail. I think there are 300+ 4.25" unfinished blocks, strips are cut 1.75".

Pat said...

very girl-y quilt and great choice for a panto!

Hope the Visitor's Center was fun :)