Monday Goals

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday again, and no finishes in sight. Finishes are what I will work on when I am not camping! I worked on last week goals, sewed sashings on most my 9 patches, made some more 9 patches, and worked on my Bricks and Stepping Stones. Today I sewed on some new blocks--string blocks--the pattern is called Sonja's Windows. And I sewed some navy blue/white stepping stones blocks together. Next week my goals will be--

  1. Continue to work on navy blue/white stepping stones until they are in "rows"
  2. Sew more strips on "Sonja's Windows"

I am hoping to get in a shopping trip, I have a COUPON and would like to try making one of those quilts, I think the name is "four patch stacked posies". I checked my stash, and I haven't a fabric that will work.


MightyMom said...

uh-huh, I heard that!

coupon....gotta start this brand new project.....lo and behold nothing I have will work!!!

you're in DTs girl!!


MightyMom said...

haha, word verification for that earlier comment was "hersin" ahem.

Stephanie D. said...

You've been mighty busy not to have reduced your stash any! lol