Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, February 11, 2013
Over the weekend I made a few more double nine patch blocks.  Pink--I know--but last month the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color was pink and wanted to catch these up.

 More 30's fabrics.  See everyone's design walls at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--
  1. Finish quilting  Henrietta's 4 Patch Posey
  2. Load another top
  3. Sashings on Dee's Star
  4. Finish applique block
  5. Keep binding
  6. Purple cake stand blocks
  7. Make a binding
  8. Yoyo block
  9. 12 Double Wedding Ring arcs
Lots of variety on that list.  Nothing is better than being able to hop from project to project.  Yesterday I started out with applique, then quilted 1/2 of the Posey quilt, made two pink double 9 patch blocks, 6 more wedding ring arcs, a bit of hand sewing binding, and then more applique. 

The blizzard wasn't too bad here--only about 9" of snow--and if the wind doesn't pick up most the roads here will be cleared by late afternoon. 

No cooking today--yesterday I pulled three packages from the freezer--one was well marked, one I knew what it was after it thawed, and the third, well--I THINK I know what it is!  Meatloaf, Ham and Bean soup, and the ??? package is something chicken, rice, corn and smells Mexican.   Does that happen at your house?  Do you and your husband stand there with the lid off the container guessing at the contents??  


Sara said...

Your mystery package really made me laugh. I froze some soup last week and hope it doesn't become a mystery package before we get back to it.

Your pink blocks really are pretty, even if pink isn't your favorite color.

Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

At our house, my father-in-law does it. He has very little sense of smell, so it is always interesting to see what he thinks it might be. I try to label them, but he actually said it takes all the mystery out of it. lol

Nancy said...

Oh yeah, lots of mystery packages in my freezer.

Norece said...

Your double nine patch is great. I also like a variety of projects to work on, though at times I think I should focus more on one quilt at a time. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

I've learned that my memory isn't what it used to be (which wasn't much in the first place!!) So I try to label everything. Even so, I still have mystery packages once in a while. Love the 30's reproduction prints - it's going to be a lovely quilt when finished.