Rainbow Scrap Saturday and Motivation Friday

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Purple is a hard color for me.  I don't have much in my stash.   Then I remembered I have a box of 30's fabrics.  Here are my blocks---

The solid purple is not quite that bright--it actually is a soft 30's purple.  A couple of weeks ago I was in my stash of old magazines and found this---

Its such a simple block--sashed with a tan print.   Maybe this is a good use of all those 30's prints I'm not as in love with as I used to be.   See everyone's purple blocks at soscrappy.

Checking my goals--
  1. Sew binding on Blue Urban Cabin--in progress
  2. Load another top--yes
  3. Quilt another top--not yet
  4. Finish Star quilt to a flimsy--stuck on sashing ideas
  5. Trim Pink Horror--in progress
  6. Yoyo block--nope
  7. Applique block--in progress
Bit by bit I'm chipping away at my list.  

Winter storm/blizzard is forecast for late tonight.  Possible 12" of snow.   If the wind blows AND we get that much snow it might be nasty.  I'm stocked up on everything we need.  

I'm planning to sew!  What is the weather like where you live?  Are you staying home and sewing?


Cathy said...

I love those blocks. they will be fabulous done as a rainbow project. We got a snowstorm yesterday, and were all snowed in. But it ended last night and today was bright and sunny. SO pretty with the sun sparkling off the fresh and clean snow.

Edith said...

Your purple blocks are very pretty, good luck with your list, I'd be scared to make one.

scraphappy said...

What a cute pattern. Using up scraps seems like the perfect option for fabrics you aren't passionate about anymore.

Henrietta said...

I wish you would stop calling Becky's quilt the Pink Horror, I am going to forget and use it in her presence and she will be utterly crushed.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

12 inches???? We're in the 1-3 inches. Maybe it will go further south. I want a snow day on Monday!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

We had a lot of snow but not as much as you have in your blog header photo!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I love that block too, fast and simple. Did you notice in that quilt that there is a piece of the purple block in the middle that is turned the wrong way? Does the person that made that quilt even know that it is turned? or did she do it on purpose? Love it!!!!!

barbara woods said...

got it thanks

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

These are really pretty blocks! We had a snowy day today too, it was a wonderful day for sewing.

Sheila said...

I love your blocks! Nice job.

Deb A said...

We had a beautiful weekend with weather in the mid 70's so it was a yard work Sunday for us. Love your scrappy blocks - I love looking through old magazines and books and finding inspiration, too.

Elly D said...

I do love those blocks Lori! I had to giggle at your goals list... some of your answers for those listed sound a bit like mine would be if I had a list... oh wait I do have a list (on a separate page on my blog out of site) but no answers.. maybe should go do that.
It is snowing here today but I don't think it'll be as much as you're getting. Stay safe indoors.