Motivation Friday

Saturday, February 2, 2013
Time to check on my goals---
  1. finish quilting pink horror--YES YES YES
  2. finish hand sewing binding on red/white quilt-yes
  3. machine sew binding on another top-yes
  4. load a top to quilt-no
  5. start applique block-yes
  6. yoyo block-no
And I was so happy to be done with the pink horror I took a picture--

Something was delivered to my house that distracted me this week--

A box of scraps from a fellow stashbuster who was cleaning her sewing room!!

How much fabric was in there?  Jackie said 20#.  It was a LOT!!!  Jackie described these scraps as "chunks".  

All of which was approved by Ruby--

Hey--that's not a dog bed!  Maybe they'd be safer in a laundry basket--

How much fabric was in there?  Well, I've cut over 500 bricks and 400 charms.  Half the basket is left to organize.  Enough for 8-10 twin size quilts?   The odd bits were tossed into my double wedding ring basket. Thank you so much Jackie!

Organizing scraps made me think of Mary Kay's box.  Mary Kay--I've been cutting your scraps to fit too!  Then I stopped to count my bricks basket.  I have over 1,000 bricks.  Liz (a fellow stashbuster) was starting a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt--I offered to send some bricks her way--

I've already started sewing a project with these scraps.   Maybe on the design wall for Monday--a QOV I think...

My sweet tooth has been calling me.  Whoopie pies--I've never made whoopie pies before--

They were easy to make--the filling is a giant marshmallow I cut into thirds and then put the bottom cookies back in the oven and softened/toasted the marshmallow.   Then I squished the top cookie on them and let them cool. 

Its Superbowl weekend.  I'm spending it sewing.  And watching the commercials!  
What are you going to be doing?  



Vicki W said...

That is a lot of fabric!
I am dyeing all day today and doing NOTHING tomorrow except watching football. I need a day off!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on meeting so many of your goals this week.

Wow, that is a great box of scraps/chunks - Jackie has provided you with many hours of enjoyment.

Katie Z. said...

That's a big box of scraps! And some yummy whoopsie pies too... If I lived closer, I would have to come eat one!

Mary-Kay said...

Hi Lori, guess what? I have more scraps and I was thinking of you too. I try using them but they make me too slow on the quilting front. I'm a person who likes the matchy-matchy style of quilting not the scrappy look. I've made a few scrappy quilts and they take me forever. Your friend Jackie gave you a treasure trove of fabrics. Glad to see you and others can use them. The whoppi pies look delicious! yum, yum!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Ah, now I see how you Stashbusters operate...when you get too many scraps you box them up and send them of to someone else to deal with!! :) That boxful should keep you busy for a while. I have a tub and a copy paper box of my own scraps to cut up...that I've been procrastinating on for at least 2-3 years...maybe more.

Henrietta said...

Ruby is petting the fabric and guarding it

Sara said...

I spent most of Saturday sewing, but today will be all work and very little play - until the football starts at least. Laundry, prep for a workshop, cleaning my kitchen, and putting away the clutter from a crazy week. But 1 fun day was better than none at all.

Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

I have sent away scraps to others in the past. One quilters throwaways are another's most wonderful treasure. I have alos received a few boxes and bags of scraps and have put them to good use. Wish I had more time to sew these days, but soon!!!!