Monday Goals

Monday, September 22, 2008
It feels like I've been wandering around aimlessly this morning, but I did fold big stack of fabric. The weather is warm but overcast, that's OK--the windows are open and have a breeze. But goals---

1. Get chunky churn dash on long arm
2. Bind 2nd Slide Show
3. Fold fabric and pick up sewing/cutting rooms
4. Pull out another old UFO to work on

Tomorrow I take Ken to the oral surgeon so that's a GOOD thing, as his tooth has really been bothering him. And would like to finish scraping that last side of the house. Last night I "vigorously pruned" the wisteria. I was going to prune the trumpet vine but it's blooming so beautifully right now.

And being OCD, I am trying to plan what I need to take to the Heartstrings Sew In in October. Probably one of the main reasons I am organizing/folding my fabric. I KNOW there is fabric in there that can head for Minnesota!~ And last night while on the folding spree, I set the pattern I bought in Minnesota in front of me (Aardvark Quilts--Nine Patch Stripe) and cut the pieces for a queen size while I was folding. Totally random pieces, except for value.

Yes, there it is, all bundled up in it's baggie!


Susan said...

What a great way to kill two birds with one stone. =) Look forward to seeing that develop.