Motivation Friday

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yesterday while Ken was power washing siding, I went inside to call about my wireless network. I had been unable to get it working since I brought it home. Called my internet provider, not their thing. Called my computer person, no--not his thing really either. Besides, the poor man is already working on my desktop hard drive which seems to have a major tummyache since I got home from MN.

I had bought this Linksys router and called their customer support number. I talked to a Ralph Greg--and this man was MORE than helpful. I was on the phone 2 hours with him, and he assured me that before I got off the phone my laptop would work wirelessly! He went thru everything step by step looking for problems. He even set up my security and many many other things. Linksys--I can't say enough GOOD things about this man! He is my Hero! Yes, I am posting wirelessly from my couch!

Okay, a little off my Motivation Friday post---I had four things I wanted to get done this week. I did get the 2nd slide show done. I have folded the greater portion of my fabric and cleared out lots of scraps into appropriate bins. The rest, well, it will have to wait until my house is painted, at least while the weather is holding so nice. I am hoping to be on the ladder in the morning!


Stephanie D said...

Wow! He spent 2 HOURS on the phone looking for problems? That is practically unheard of these days. Kudos to Ralph!

Finn said...

Hi Lori, I found your signup this morning(Sat.) and want to welcome you to the New Years Eve UFO countdown *VBS* I have your blog addy now and I will add you ane your projects to the list on my sidebar. This challenge is all just for fun and to get some things finished up. No prizes or drawings, no quilt police, any size project of any kind that needs finishing. We are cheering for each other as we get some momentum rolling.
Happy stitching and welcome *VBS* I'm so happy you are joining us. Now don't be sending any storms my way from the west, ok?? Hugs, Finn

jacquie said...

we all need a ralph in our lives! good for him and cheers to wireless!!!