Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, March 15, 2009
0 fabric bought this week. Whew! And I had a finish that used 10 yards. So the numbers this week are--
Bought year to date--34 1/3 yds
Used year to date--23 yds
I'm still behind 11 1/3 yds, but I have a couple of more finishes that are close.

This is the quilt that used 10 yards, I called it my "Manly" Happy Blocks.

It's maybe a bit big for a QOV, but I trust Alycia can find a TALL veteran for it!

And I also finished two quilts Jane M in WI had sent me, these will also go to Alycia.

Okay, use your imagination, I loaded Jane's pictures sideways. They have to hang on my wall that way to get them all on the picture. That's the clips you see on the sides of my pictures. No outside pictures here---I do not do cold weather!

My green double Irish chain blocks are ready to mail, and I can work on Judy's Bear Paw blocks tomorrow. Only four left. But I've gotten a lot done this week, I'm satisfied.


Katie Z. said...

That's some fabulous work!

Stephanie D said...

You've done great, Lori!

Brenda said...

oh common!! How can it be cold in Sout Dakota??? lol!! We have snow falling today, so I dont think I should take pics outside either, who wants snow on their quilt??
I love the 'manly' happy blks!! I have that pattern in my 'projects' binder - that is one for future project ideas and I like the happy blks!! You have gotten alot done this week!! keep it up and you'll have no stash left to bust!!!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Congrats on all that progress, Lori. I love your 10-yard quilt.

Sarah said...

Those quilts are wonderful! I'm impressed that you've been able to get so much done. Here in upstate NY, the snow is just about gone and it got up to about 50 today. While I'm definitely ready for spring, I know I'll miss the winter as its the time that I get the most quilting done! Its especially good for binding quilts. Its hard to sit under a warm quilt in the summer and hand sew binding. ~Sarah

Pat said...

Congrats on getting so much done! All the quilts are beautiful...even the man-ly one :)