Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
I am home from the camper today. And I had a mission. I had been waiting for an Internet order of some "special items" to be sent to my swap partner in a Halloween swap. Paula at Coffee Time Stitches hosted the swap. Whew! That box is ready to mail!

I promise there are no shoes in that box. I did think about including a UFO or two.....!

Next on the list is laundry and some sewing. Lately the weather has been undecided--should it be windy and blustery or sunshiny and more summer like? Today started out very nice, but now its windy and it may rain overnight. Summer is almost to an end, not sure how many more days I am going to volunteer.


Stephanie D said...

The weather is such a tease--such a fickle lady.

Can't wait to see what you gave and what you got for the Halloween swap! Love those Howloween goodies.

MightyMom said...

ooooo fun!