Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, February 13, 2012
First what's on my wall----

 Birds in Air blocks.   Which I hope to turn into a quilt like this--

At first I hesitated because of all the triangles.  Hmm--nope--I'll make HST's and make two of each fabric.  After I had made several--I thought some more.  Why have all those edges--surely I can piece these without those pesky bias edges.  How can I cut diagonally and have my triangles?  RECTANGLES!!
First--cut 3 print squares and 3 matching neutral squares.  You will have matching pairs of blocks.   Draw a line from corner to corner--sew on either side--cut apart--speedy HST's.  Then I used a rectangles to make the single triangles.  

Here are my "pieces".   Sew the pieces together to get this---

Next step I'll cut a neutral rectangle to match my block.  I'll draw a line on the back of the pieced block to sew on--I can make sure all my points are sharp.   With rectangles in the diagonal portion of the block I have "fudge" room.  
My squares were 3.5".  The rectangles are 4.5" long.  An extra inch will give me plenty of room to work with.  And--no bias edges!  

Well, you can see I've gotten distracted over the weekend figuring this out.  But--I'm halfway done with enough blocks for a top.  This is the year to remember to "enjoy the process"---and I enjoyed this!  


  1. Trim Arrowhead blocks
  2. Sew blue Jacob's ladder blocks together
  3. Work on Plaid 4 patch
  4. Piece a Swoon block
Those projects should keep me busy!  Do you have anything special planned for this week?  I think I'll bake Ken a chocolate cake for Valentine's Day.  


Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

I really had to think about your triangles, but then I had an ahh moment and decided to tell you that I think this is a clever idea. I have a simpler plan for Kevin's valentine treat - Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. (When in Vermont....)

Henrietta said...

How big are your blocks finished?

Don't forget, Sioux Falls Wednesday.

Sara said...

A very clever process. Glad you shared.

marcella said...

Love that block. I think I have a pile of them somewhere... Thanks for sharing your technique; it's really clever!

Gayle Bong said...

This is great. I have used this method for other similar blocks and will have to file the idea for when I want to do this version of Birds in the Air. I am close to finishing another version of Birds in the Air and will take a break from all those triangles. It'll be big with over 1200 triangles, I will deserve that break.

Elaine Adair said...

I've thought about this method for a long time, yet never tried it - seems like a much better idea! I have a Split 9-Patch in my TO-DO brain and think this is what I should try.

Your visuals are very helpful - thank you - much better than just words. 8-))

Susan said...

Looks like a winning plan to me. =)