Design Wall Monday

Monday, February 6, 2012
My design wall has a small Project Linus quilt on it.   The pattern is only so-so--I had used some brights and practiced quilting clamshells on it.  Its backed with flannel and I know some kid will use it and like it.  

It's a small finish but its done and I will report it on next week's stash report.  

Right now Ken and I are in Mankato.  We had planned to visit this weekend and its good we're here--Asher has RSV and is in the hospital.  

No sewing, I didn't bring any with me--I have managed to keep busy anyway.  (insert eye rolling here!)   

Asher has dietary issues--cannot tolerate any dairy or soy proteins--so Laura Beth is on a "no dairy--no soy" diet.   That's pretty tough for a child who was raised on a dairy farm!  That rules out the good stuff like cheesy pasta, milk and oreos, and 95% of what tastes good.   Here is a picture of Laura Beth's plate from last night---

Chicken drumsticks, rice with veggies, and sweet potatoes.  All prepared without dairy or soy.  Laura Beth is craving chocolate (she did find dairy and soy free chocolate chips that are good). She loaded up on the sweet potatoes--they were sweet.  


Nancy said...

Sending good wishes your way for both mother and baby.

marcella said...

Congratulations on your finish. It's a sweet quilt and some child will love it. Best wishes for Asher and Laura Beth.

Kim said...

OMGoodness, good that you and Ken are there to lend a hand once again. Nowhere else would you want to be at a time like this. Baby Asher could use a little quilt for snuggling into once he gets home doubt he has at least one, lol. Your Project Linus quilt will make a little person very happy. Sorry to hear that Asher is in the hospital and that health issues continue for this little guy and his family. Keeping all the best thoughts for all of you. :)

Katie Z. said...

Oh, man. I'll be sending prayers your way!

Stephanie D said...

Poor little guy! He just can't seem to get a break, can he?

And poor Laura Beth--life is hardly worth living without ice cream and chocolate! Hope this doesn't last long.