Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, February 27, 2012
I have some 36 patch blocks on my wall.   


Making these are a great way to unwind.    I have seen lots of 36 patch blocks being made while blog reading--but Teri's photo was the one that beguiled me into making some!

Weekly goals--
  1. Sew more Arrowhead "continents"
  2. Make one Swoon block
  3. Plan/sew borders on blue/white Jacob's ladder

As always--goals are subject to change depending on my whims!!

A few pictures from the weekend---

Mason heading outside to build a snowman

Ken using the "boppie"
Nick, Mason, Laura Beth and Asher


SpinningStar said...

Yikes - when did Mason get to be so big!

Checking out blocks can be dangerous. I'm also doing a 36-patch block, but it's full of HSTs. but, they are fun to do...


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Oh, isn't Ken just the cutest thing wearing his "boppie"? And, looking at that picture of Laura Beth's family, I think Mason looks just a little bit like his Gramma Lori.

Quilter Kathy said...

I love the 36 patch blocks...they make a fabulous scrap quilt!

bunbear said...

I'm reading blogs tucked in under my 36 patch quilt! I love it! It's my favorite right now. I made mine HUGE. It's 8 blocks across by 9 down - 72 different blocks, each with 2 different fabrics. No repeats! I named the quilt 144. Have fun making it. I know I did!

Teri said...

Checkerboard blocks look great! They are very addictive. I have started a second quilt.

Stephanie D said...

Awesome family picture!