Motivation Friday

Saturday, February 18, 2012
Time to check in.  

My Arrowhead blocks are all trimmed.  They're on the design wall and I've started sewing them together.  Since they have bias edges I will not sew them in vertical rows--but rather in sections--"continents" as Pat says.  They are not coming off the design wall again except as a completed top!

My blue/white Jacob's ladder blocks are sewn together.  A narrow blue border yet--its destined for a bed--and all that white would quickly become grubby on the edges.

I have the pieced portions of 100 Birds in Air blocks--they're in a basket so I won't misplace them.  The Plaid 4 patch is waiting for its turn on the wall.  And Swoon block--maybe this weekend!  

But best of all my friend Henrietta is here!  Ken and I picked her up at the airport on Wednesday.  She has the obligatory cold from traveling and being exposed to all the strange germs.  

I won't tell you it was her birthday or how old she is--only one candle.  


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Henrietta! Enjoy your visit and let us know of all the adventures you two have during her visit.

Pokey said...

How special to get to share your time with your bff! And on her birthday too! I know you will have some great laughs together, nothing better than those precious times ~

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

That's a happy face, indeed. Hope she shared the cake with you. :) Happy Birthday, Henrietta!!

Travel germs are a power to be reckoned with. A friend & her DH flew to Hawaii, then got on a cruise ship. Sick people all around, so they caught influenza A and are still trying to get over it. I stayed home & get to battle shingles. At least they saw Hawaii.

mereth said...

Happy birthday Henrietta! I hope you both have a great time together this trip. When Keryn and I lived apart our visits were very much anticipated, so I can understand how you must feel.

Jay in Nebraska said...

Happy Birthday Henrietta!

Stephanie D said...

Happy birthday, Henrietta!

Can't wait to see what you two get into!