Motivation Friday

Friday, March 9, 2012
Progress to report!  The Anita's Arrowhead blocks are sewn together and off the wall.  I can now put the Plaid 4 Patch up again.  BQ2 is quilted and waiting for binding.  Henrietta and I loaded her quilt on the Princess.

Baby Yang
Henrietta had pieced a king size quilt for her son and his wife.   It was from a pattern called Yin Yang.  This is a smaller version made from extra blocks she didn't use in the Big Yang. 

While blog hopping I found a New York Beauty Quilt-A-Long.   Paper piecing.  I'm not fond of paper piecing--but I love the blocks.  I followed their links and made a beginner block.  

beginner New York Beauty

Bright.  Henrietta put on her sunglasses.   I really didn't plan to make it so bright--the orange and the green were in the scrap box.  The other pieces were fabrics I f̶o̶r̶g̶o̶t̶  found in the fabric closet.  Fossil ferns, Moda marbles, and some hand dyes.   You can read about the quilt-a-long at Sew Sweetness blog.  Thank you Sara!


Stephanie D said...

I've taken a paper piecing class before but couldn't seem to wrap my head around it. Love those sharp points, though!

Nancy said...

You are definitely checking projects off of your "to do" list. Great job!

Sara said...

You've really gotten a lot done this week. Wow!

And I LOVE that paper pieced block. Must follow the link and check that out myself. I've done a little paper piecing in the past such as a "circle of geese" block.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I really like the blend of colors in Henrietta's Baby Yang. As for the New York the looks of the quilts but I seriously doubt I'll ever attempt to make one. Good luck with yours.

JuJu said...

Big Yang and Baby Yang ... only you and Henritta!! I just have to giggle. You are getting a lot done. I'm up to my ears in QOV's, National Quilt Day at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum, QOV is being featured and HQ is bringing a new system in for me to demo quilting a QOV!!! Take care my waving friend in SD!!