Motivation Friday

Friday, March 16, 2012
Time to check on my weekly goals!  I have worked on all of them except to load a quilt on the Princess.  

  1. Sew "countries" on Plaid 4 Patch--sewed a couple of countries together
  2. Finish Swoon into a top--two sashings left
  3. Load a quilt on the Princess--NOPE
  4. Pick a UFO to move one more step--blue 25 patch being worked on
  5. Fold/organize a fabric cube--put all bolts away, folded green cube
  6. Work on borders for the blue/white Jacob's Ladder--3 borders ready to sew on

Henrietta and I were in Orchard NE Tuesday night.  We didn't sew very hard--but it was great to talk and do show and tell with those ladies.  A few pictures--

Flicsha and Jenny had precut a project--an ironing board caddy.  Henrietta and I took our kits home with us--we were too busy talking.  Orchard Ladies--you are wonderful fun and we'll be back!~

I have a finish--Japanese Royalty BQ2--

This was a challenge from Rosewillow I started in January of 2010.   It has my favorite fabric in it--Japanese Royalty--sitting in groups and gossiping.  It required lots of planning to make sure all those people are sitting up--you turn the blocks after adding the green and white strips.  The pattern calls it a "large lap''--so I think it will be a wall quilt.  I have a bit of that fabric left--you will find a piece of it in most scrap quilts I make. 

The weather has been beautiful--70's and 80's here.  Windows are open during the day, but it still cools down at night.  All us Midwest natives are a bit confused--but we'll enjoy it anyway!

How has your week been?  


Jay in Nebraska said...

I like that finished and your favorite fabric...must equal a quilt you really like!

Nancy said...

The quilting on your BQ2 is beautiful. Nice job!