Monday Goals

Monday, January 19, 2009
Isn't today a holiday? Does that mean I don't have to set goals? Okay, enough slacking for the day! Goals for the week---

1. Load a quilt
2. Work on Christmas Courthouse steps
3. Work on a UFO
4. Finish Chocolate Covered Cherries to a top

Okay, that looks like a good week for me. I was going to run errands today, but then realized half the places I was going to go were closed for the holiday. But I did do a few things yesterday. Alycia--this box will head to your house tomorrow!

I will be sending it UPS because of it's size. And I trimmed my latest round on the Courthouse steps, only 4 more strips to go!
When this quilt is finished I think most of my old Christmas fabric will be gone. Next--maybe my 30's reproductions?? What are you going to work on this week??


Stephanie D. said...

We're not doing so well on the goals down here. Not sure what's gotten into, or out of, me.

However, you're being productive enough for the both of us!

Karen said...

I like how you put your quilting goals for the week on your blog. I would get upset, if I didn't get them all done! LOL

MightyMom said...

I got to the store!!!!!!!

I bought fabric for my sister's quilt. fabric for baby blankets (we have 3 preggers at work). fabric, notions, and patterns for matching Easter dresses for Sugars and I!!!!!

Good thing I don't do that stash count thingy!! :-)

Now I gotta get off this computer and start sewing!!!!

the 21 nickel sized circles are coming along.............

Mary said...

Well, I got another quilt loaded and quilted last night, a binding made and sewn on, I'm assembling the 2 quads of the RWB top, SO I'll continue with all of that and I need to get at LEAST one more top quilted this week, two would be better.

I love courthouse steps, I don't make many Christmas quilts although I do love autumn ones.

YankeeQuilter said...

Really like your goal list. I've spent most of the day handquilting while watching the inauguration activities. This week I want to be able to walk through my sewing room without tripping...may sound like a small task but pathfinding in there is a major undertaking!

Pat said...

Good job on the goal setting!

Your courthouse steps are advancing beautifully :)

This year, I hope to make some *specific* holiday quilts like you :)