New flag

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last night I made a new flag for the outside of our house. It is just a pre-printed panel but I like it. Since it hangs outside on a small metal arm, I reinforced the top and sides with wire (sewn into the binding) so it hangs straight and doesn't flop into a heap on the arm. I am working on a customer quilt, and also need to finish a place mat for guild on Saturday. We are having our Christmas party, and we were all to bring a homemade placement to be donated to Meals on Wheels program. My work in starting to pile up, I need to really work hard to get it all done before Christmas. I love the holidays, I like the lights and decorations most of all. Hmm--I feel a cookie attack coming on, will have to make some soon!

I'm feeling old

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Met a friend for my birthday yesterday. Yes, we shopped and I even got the haircut. We went to a few fabric stores but I didn't buy much--some backing flannel but otherwise resisted anything else I saw. Stashbusting, unless I need it "right now" I am not going to buy it. But maybe I should apply "stashbusting" to Barnes and Noble. And Amazon. Oh, I love books and reading!! My friend and I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday, it is the highlight of our shopping trips. I got four new books. She stayed overnite with me, and then today we went to another town, ate lunched in a renovated railway station in the sunporch next to the railroad tracks, a bit noisy as they had heavy equipment and were working on the tracks, but very nice and entertaining to watch! I tried to get a picture but the sun was not in my favor and there was lots of glare. I went to a couple of fabric stores to put up my brochures. I am posting a picture of my best friend when she was visiting me in September sitting on my front steps with Ruby. Notice her socks. A heartstrings quilt I had made is on a chair. The weather was beautiful then, we sat outside a lot. Boy, I can't do that now!!

My Birthday

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
I invited my oldest sister and my father over for lunch today, my other sister couldn't make it. Yes, I cooked on my birthday! Ham, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, and leftover cranberry relish. And we had pumpkin pie for dessert. I love to cook and welcome the opportunity to invite my family over. DH was out disking in the field (translates into I'll eat when I come home honey) Tomorrow I am meeting a good friend for shopping in a larger town about 1 1/2 hours away. Lunch and then just whatever strikes our fancy! I need a haircut so will maybe brave an "unknown hairdresser!!!" You know what the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is---"about 3 weeks"! Today I finishing mowing off my frozen flowers and then I "sucked" the leaves up out of the flower beds and windows well. My dad had a new toy he wanted me to try. Have to say it works very well! I also packed up the last of the stuff to go to the garage, the mower, a tarp. I also worked at cleaning off the garden, have that all ready to haul off. Whew! But I didn't sew today. I will probably need therapy!

Thanksgiving wishes

Saturday, November 24, 2007
The pies are ready, the sweet potatoes are in the crockpot. In a few hours we will head to my sisters and celebrate. Right now I am working on the 4-patchs for DFIL's quilt. I am thankful for all I have in life, my family and friends. Here's wishing you a happy and peaceful Holiday! I'll be back after the weekend.

Baking Day

Friday, November 23, 2007

Today was not a too quilty day. Worked on a quilt in the afternoon. Baked my sweet potatoes for the Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's tomorrow. I am also to bring pies. I made 3 pumpkin, 2 cherry, 1 pecan, and one cottage cheese. Yes, cottage cheese. Think like a sweet custard. It is my absolute favorite. All the kids will want pumpkin. DH wants cherry. Tonite I will try to work a little on a quilt for DFIL for Christmas. The pattern is from American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine April 2006 and is called "Walled Garden". It is shown in pinks and greens, but I'm going to make it in blues/tans since I don't think my FIL is a "pink" person. Oh, and here is a picture of my constant companion. Ruby is a 6 yr old border collie. She follows me from room to room, and when I am at the computer or sewing, she sleeps on her blanket, occasionally getting up to "inspect" my work. She is very very quiet!